Part 1…

Many of us used to be students in various schools and some of us used to be students in language schools. But once you finish your language studies, what then? What if you decide you would also like to take up an opportunity to be a teacher much like the successful ones that taught you?

For any prospective student to become a Language teacher, it does require a qualification. But that’s not the only thing you need. Don’t just be a Language teacher, be an exceptional one!

Read on for Tips on how you too can become an excellent Language teacher.

First and foremost, Connect

Teaching doesn’t have to be a boring, strict, no relationship construct. Making connections with students is as fundamentally important as knowledge. What does this mean? This means respecting your students, making them feel comfortable in their environment, building a positive trustworthy relationship with them. Students need to make sure that their teacher not only is there for them but also cares for them. So it is important to be supportive towards your students so that they come to you with any issues or confusions about the class.

Keep them interested

Selecting a variety of interesting learning material for your students, is sure to get you brownie points with them! And not only that but, your students will not get bored and think that all the classes are the same and ask themselves “when will this end?”. When I had the opportunity to teach students, I made sure I kept all my classes interesting and engaging, even if meant playing games or listening to music or even doing fun things like quizzes and puzzles! I found them to be more awake and interactive with myself and with the other students, which intern helped me to get to know their interests better and helped them to get to know each other better too. Let’s face it, the majority of students dislike having to attend a class where all a teacher does is talk with a book in hand, and all the students do is write notes, day after day. Language classes especially need to be more innovative.

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The ‘H’ Word…Homework

Who likes homework? I  know, I didn’t when I was back at school. Our teachers always gave us tons of homework and I remember sitting up all night with one eye open, trying to complete my assignments or essays and it was plain torture. But nowadays things can be different. Teachers do not need to give students loads of homework, instead, they can assign a reasonable amount of take homework. For example instead of giving them an entire novel to read in a week and do the essay summary, give them a few short and engaging educational stories. That way they don’t lose focus and can read a variety of themes in a shorter time period.

The Big-Picture

There are many reasons as to why students are sent to different countries to learn the language or even within their home-countries. Language school classes are for the most part attended by students from all over the world. So keeping that in mind, before any class, remind your students why they are there. Remind them of the ‘Big-Picture’ and all the various benefits of learning a new language. Tell them about how it can help them in life and all the benefits that come with it like getting better jobs, becoming a language teacher themselves, or even traveling. This will make them appreciate the beauty of being in that class.

More to come in my second blog post…